Gabriel Lester


    • Male


    About the artist

    Lives an works in Amsterdam
    1972: Was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    My artwork, films and installations originate from a desire to tell stories and construct environments that support these stories or propose their own narrative interpretation.

    In early years this led to writing prose and composing electronic music. Later, after studying cinema and eventually fine arts, my artworks became what could be typified as cinematographic, without necessarily employing film or video. Like cinema, my practice has come to embrace all imaginable media and occupy both time and space.

    The artworks propose a tension span and are either implicitly narrative, explicitly visual or both at once. These artworks seldom convey any explicit message or singular idea, but rather propose ways to relate to the world, how it is presented and what mechanisms and components constitute our perception and understanding of it.

    By dissecting things, editing, cutting up, repositioning and forcing perspective, I aspire to captivate and engage.

    Ultimately my artworks suggest both rational consciousness as well as associative magic thought.

    Gabriel Lester

    Source: Gabriel Lester Website