Gabriel Sierra


    • Male

    About the artist

    Lives and works in Bogotá
    1975: Was born in San Juan Nepomuceno Bolivar, Colombia

    Gabriel Sierra has been identified as both artist and industrial designer, probably because his work maintains a slippery and therefore somewhat uncomfortable with both disciplines, in their desire to make the most of sometimes conflicting methodologies, but without giving the type of exclusivity associated with the sole object of design or original artwork. We could say that as a designer, Sierra wants to produce objects that fulfill a practical role in the daily lives of real people, as an artist seeks to deconstruct the very idea of use value.

    Contrary to those values typically associated with the design, status, prestige, power and wealth, the objects produced by Sierra are a product of its immediate context, are based on and adapted to economic insecurity, resourcefulness and survival strategies. In his work seeks to recover practices, aesthetic and material of popular strata, seen and considered inappropriate for consumer products. At the same time, the work of Sierra could be placed against a tendency toward self-exoticism, which both recent Colombian art has been guilty of fetishism in rejecting the other.

    His objects tend to be simple, clean and a little austere, revealing the artist's interest in formal perfection, but as Sierra points out, the practice is not value the object more than the person who eventually used but seeks to emphasize those human qualities, happiness, individual creativity and affection-considered secondary or superfluous in a consumer culture. Recent work is called Life's tough, life does not last, the title refers to the rough nature of contemporary alienation, and the desire to identify and exploit subtle instances of resistance.

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