Gabriela del Olmo


    • Female
    • Painter
    • Hyperrealist
    • Designer
    • Digital artist
    • Drawer
    • Illustrator
    • Diseñador y desarrolladorWeb

    About the artist

    The passion for painting and the animals came to Gabriela from very small, their way of living and of doing things always has been connected and influenced by these two tastes. Horses and dogs have surrounded her throughout their lives and have been its great source of happiness. Nature itself has been his way of inspiration in making and carrying each of the facets of the life.

    from small always be entertained by drawing all kinds of animals, what today is its expertise both with the technique of pastel (his favorite technique), as with the oil. However his studies were not those of fine arts, but rather he studied advertising and public relations (at the universidad Rey Juan Carlos), specializing in the area of graphic design since it has always been a very creative person.

    It can be said that it knew the existence of techniques in oil, pastel and charcoal through classes that was for a short period of time the thirteen or fourteen years of age in the culture of its population Center.

    The way he paints his pictures no one has taught her is the way she sees the photo. It features catch the eye and the soul of the animal and where it is trying to give as realistic as possible with all the details needed to look like it is alive. The use of background colors in each work are vivid and pure, where sometimes you can see clouds in different states accompanied by the presence of a hummingbird.


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