Gabriela Kraviez


    • Female

    About the artist

    1965: Born in Argentina

    The work of Gabriela Kraviez part of a letting go, of following the rhythm of our impulses, that are hysterical, frantic and obsessive, all at the same time.

    The very rhythm of our relationship with the images that surrounds us in our daily lives, images that can be public or private. She starts from these images, she draws them one by one, obsessively repeating them, stripping them of any item: from color to black and white, a sophisticated technique to almost immaterial: From models bodies to headless bodies, all-powerful bodies to fragile bodies in a blank space...

    Working with the minimum, making the most of economics. Resuming essentials: pencil and paper, not as nostalgia but as a stand position: aesthetically, politically and economically.

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