• Female
    • Collage
    • Designer
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • Sculptor


    Espitia Gallery Miami, FL, US

    About the artist

    Gala Mena was born and raised in Barcelona (Spain). Her art influence comes from her father's art skills with ink techniques and the family private collection. In her adult life, she
    rediscovers her love for art and starts to develop a unique style between words, sentences and brightful colors.
    Influenced by her architectural hometown and her actual residence in Miami -the top tier city for contemporary art and most influenced by Latin American artists- she is creating her best art works into a collection of paintings called VISUAL POETRY.


    Mena's artwork has a special particularity: she paints and personalizes at the same time.
    There are only a few pieces that are not adressed to someone. The artist believes that Art needs a custom component because
    "if someone is taking your piece home and hangs it on his walls, you have to compete with the other paintings in there. Visual Poetry is the most emotional one in that wall, it is especially painted for that person"
    For this reason and most of the time, Mena will only paint if she previously receives any piece of information or any clue about the future owner of the painting, either a picture, a script, a description or even a poem.