Gavin Porter


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    About the artist

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    Gavin Porter is a Belfast born Artist living in County Roscommon. His artistic output consists of drawing, etching, sound installation and assemblage, with etching being his main medium of choice. He achieved a first class Honours Degree from Sligo IT in 2013 and has continued to exhibit both locally and nationally ever since. In 2013 he was one of three emerging artists chosen for In Isolation, at Broadstone Studios, Dublin, and has shown work in several selected shows including Rua Red Winter Open Show.

    In 2014, Gavin was selected for an inaugural residency at The Creative Studios, Harrington Building, King House, Boyle, and is currently working on his first solo show at Custom House Gallery Westport, in January 2015. In August 2014 Gavin was awarded first prize at the North West Open exhibition in Leitrim Sculpture Centre and he has recently had his work featured on Saatchi

    Artist Statement

    By applying simple linear, often repetitive and reductive drawing techniques in an indeterminate way, my current work endeavours to reveal patterns and form amongst the seemingly unpredictable and chaotic, patterns which are discernable in the natural world around us, but also in the events and routines that govern our lives. . Each work on paper is executed with intricate detail and employs optical techniques referenced from historical engraving.

    The resulting images are poised between the sublime and the absurd, incorporating elements of the real and the imagined, mimesis and abstraction

    Central to these observations lies a fascination with science and the mechanics of nature, , entropy, erosion and evolution.

    ‘’ Forms depicted by Gavin Porter have a clear recurrent structure, but they seem to have no start and no end. They are in a continuous but unpredictable process of development, as if they were never to complete their forming. We can observe the same process in our everyday lives, filled with repetitive tasks performed as part of our daily routines and with efforts of which results can rarely be clearly predicted, our existence is built of patterns but is still full of uncertainty.”

    Marta Slawinska, Curator In Isolation at Broadstone Studios, Dublin