George Williams


    • Male
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Neoconceptual
    • Painter
    • Landscape

    Galleries, London, UK

    The Art Shop and Gallery, Abergavenny, UK

    About the artist

    George Williams, born in Abergavenny and educated at the London Metropolitan University, is an artist currently residing and working in Spain.

    The main focus of George’s ideas originates from studies of landscapes, street scenes and their architectural surroundings. The imagery of landscapes are taken as a starting point into experimentations with the qualities of the materials used; The paint and colour are manipulated and warped during the process, turning the medium into the focal point of the work. Currently, oil paint is the primary medium used to depict these scenes. The material values of the oils; the structural, buttery, timely drying process, are all key to the desired effect George aims to create with his painting, that of a surface being dominated in a saturated, workman-like body of heavily cemented paint.