Gertrudis Rivalta


    • Female
    • Collage
    • Drawer
    • Sculptor
    • Photographer
    • Installation
    • Performance
    • Painter

    About the artist

    Gertrudis Rivalta Oliva (Santa Clara. Cuba.1971) Live and work between Alicante and Havana. She study at Instituto Superior de Arte de la Habana (Havana City) in 1996. Rivalta has developed his artistic career mainly between Cuba and Spain, but her work have been exhibited in the five continents. In 1997 her work is included in the first (and very polemic) show made in Cuba about race and the place that black people occupy in Cuban society named "Queloides" ( 1997, Casa del Africa. Cuba). She also participated in later editions of this collective show.
    Rivalta has exhibited her work in the most important cuban galleries and institutions like: Centro Wilfredo Lam“Visiones Ocultas” (2001), Fototeca de Cuba, 23 and 12 gallery, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales”. She begins her international experience under the guidance of the important art critic Kevin Power and was included by him in his project " 98: hundred years later " that was exhibited in Museo de Ponce (San Juan. Puerto Rico), Cultural Center (Manila. The Philippines), Museum of Contemporary Art of Badajoz (Badajoz. Spain) and in the Complejo Morro-Cabaña (Havana. Cuba). In 1998 she made a solo show named" Evans or not Evans “in the University of Alicante, presenting a review of the work of the North American photographer Walker Evans. In the year 2000 received the CEIP scholarship, that allowed her to work and create an sculpture in the Natural Reservation of Orio's Mountains in La Rioja. In 2005 made a very interesting review of the russian presence in Cuba during the first years of the revolution and how this issue determinates what they, cubans, are now; it was called "Fnimaniew" (Aural Gallery. 2005). Other shows in colaboration wtih Kevin Power were " Cuba a mental Island " (Sala de exposiciones de Torrevieja. Alicante. 2006) and “When I went out of Cuba “(Gallery Ad-hoc. Vigo. 2011).
    Among her international exhibitions it is necessary to emphasize “At the curve of the world” (1999, Track16 Gallery. Los Angeles. USA), “Ghosts of sugar “(2003. Espace Croix-Baragnon. Tolouse. France), a performance called “I” (School of arts and skills in Logroño), Out of ISA 2012 (Track16 Gallery. Los Angeles, California, USA). In 2009 she is selected to participate in “Creators of the 20th Century "and itinerant exhibition curated by Marisa Oropesa, in which are reunited those women considered essential artists in the history of the 20th century as Frida Khalo, Eva Lootz, Candida Hofer, Meret Oppenheim or Yoko Ono the exhibition was shown in Museo de Bellas Artes Carlos V de la Alhambra (2009. Granada. Spain), in Museo de la Pasion (2009. Valladolid. Spain) etc. In 2011 The Cervantes Institute in Berlin invited her to participate in “Undressing Eve ", also curated by Marisa Oropesa, that was exhibited in other headquarters of the same institute among Europe. In 2012 participated in a new version of "Creators of the XX and XXI century " exhibited in Africa and Asia.
    Rivalta has participate in the Valencia/Sao Paolo Biennal (2008) with curators Ticio Escobar and Kevin Power and in collateral exhibitions of diverse editions of the Havana Biennial. Rivalta has been invited to talk about women roles in society in Universities of Alicante and Jaen, Casa de las Americas in Cuba, University of Connecticut, Trinity College Harford, etc. in USA.
    She has illustrated books front pages like "Roaring Spring" by poet Steve Benson, " Scorpion in the map " by Ernesto Santana or more recently " Caviar with Rum " by Jacqueline Loss and Jose Manuel Prieto, in this book also there is included a text by her authorship : “The and the hare".
    Her work has been included in many impotant texts about Cuban art,for example: " Art Cuba: the new generation ". Holly Block. 2001. New York, “We, the most unfaithful”: Narrative about the Cuban art (1993-2005) “Andrés Isaac Santana. CENDEAC. 2007, " The New Cuban Art: Anthology of critical texts ". By Magalys Espinosa and Kevin Power. 2006, Percebal Press. " Gertrudis Rivalta, the Everlasting obsession ". Suset Sanchez. Madrid. Cubaencuentro. “Dreaming in Russian: The Cuban Soviet Imaginary “by Jacqueline Loss, PRI's The World on Seed drill 29, 2015.
    Her work is represented in collections in Cuba, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, USA.

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