Geta Brătescu


    • Female

    About the artist

    1926: Born in Ploiesti, Rumania

    Bratescu brings the relationship between the design of everyday objects, art and human experience in unsettlingly close proximity – without drawing any clear conclusions. A series of sketches created as a supplement to No to Violence test out other possible arrangements for the cloth and wood figure. They reveal that its individual parts could also have been pieced together quite differently. The openness in Bratescu’s conception of her work is remarkable considering the oppressive political context she worked in. Her Conceptual practice refers not only to problems of the professional art context of her time, but also deals with the fundamental questions of establishing a practical role for art in daily life. Today, it is interesting to reconsider Bratescu’s position in relation to a current generation of artists, such as Ryan Gander, who also work in a field between Conceptual art, design and the relation of art production to stories of the everyday.

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