• Male
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Painter

    About the artist


    BIOGRAPHY Jean-Claude Giangreco is a painter and sculptor born in Sicily in 1951. He now lives and works in France. He pays particular attention to the choice of his colors and goes to find the pigments he wants in the Vaucluse. Each of his paintings and sculptures are original works. Jean-Claude Giangreco sees his canvases as 3D supports. He applies the paint in thickness and plays on the reliefs, sometimes using a knife to manipulate it. In his sculptures he mixes different materials to prolong his quest for texture. Steel, copper resin, wood or glass are all materials that can compose his works. His work is free, whether the subject is abstract or figurative. The paintings he produces show us landscapes bathed in light and vitality. These are the seaside that invite us to travel. Jean-Claude Giangreco is also passionate about the music and dance that he transcribes in his paintings and lets us hear orchestras come to life. Conversely, the artist can also lose us by consent in a flood of nuances that takes us through the canvas. He likes to paint the elements in full boiling. In his practice of sculpture, he makes busts or bodies of men or women, like inanimate mannequins. It is through the play of colors and materials that the essence of the work is revealed and not by the features of the characters, inexpressive. Jean-Claude Giangreco is exhibiting around the world and gaining notoriety.