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    About the artist

    He has a Degree in Fine Art at Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna 110/110
    Lives and works between Rimini and the World
    1982: Was born in Cesena (Italy)

    "Breaded seitan cutlets with fluorescent tablets jam!!!

    Genetically modified animals rebel themselves to the anthropocentric condition that considers them like manipulating material, in a funny and coloured way.

    These kaleidoabsurd monsters are the main characters of my artistic works as well as spokesmen of the desire for a more fair and funny reality even when they vigorously show their own skin and entrails.

    I think that I ideologically feel more next to the animal sphere than to the human one.

    The magnetism for biological differences, the medical/scientific illustrations, the rejection/curiosity for the “powers” of the genetic industry, are connected to the spirit of rebellion toward both preconception and passion for the lysergic and fanciful atmospheres, producing a creation on the relationship among authenticity and artificiality, inside and outside, symbiosis and dichotomy.

    On walls, canvas and through the others media I try to investigate the relationship between human beings and all other living creatures.

    I like to stress on the human desire to dominate others living species, with the charm that animals exercise on the human imaginary in terms of totemic powers and supernatural gifts."


    Source: Göla Official Website

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