Gregor Gaida


    • Male
    • Sculptor


    About the artist

    “I am a rather rational minded person. Things I cannot classify, soon occupy my thoughts. The complexity and contrariness of political and social affairs cause a certain restlessness and a kind of friction. Out of this energy my works evolve.” 

    "The main motive of the life-sized sculptures is the human being. Its depiction is detailed and lifelike but not photorealistic. Clothes, hair and body remain stylized to a certain degree and the anatomy is often distorted. The material is wood, aluminum, polyester and acrylic resin. The surrounding space becomes material just as the wood or the color. In the combination of different material, their points of contact have a special meaning. And in the same way does my dialogue and interaction with the material as the single works are derived from a sensory process of creation."

    Gregor Gaida

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