Guyaux Jean-Marie


    • Male
    • Photographer

    Galleries ,NY, USA

    About the artist

    I am a Belgian photographer working in New York City for over thirty years. My editorial and advertising work runs the gamut of still life, fashion and celebrity photography.

    Away from the rigors of assignments I discovered a fascinating American landscape populated by a fair number of unruly and aggressive people.

    Individuals give vent to their inner anger, exploded and leave behind remnants, accidental or deliberate, of their acts of violence. The outcome is a drastically emerging visual landscape that I find both graphically beautiful and emotionally disturbing.
    The resulting body of work I developed over the last four years is a kaleidoscope of symbolic and, at times, abstract images as well as an acerbic commentary about how violence reflects on some pillars of American society: the ubiquitous automobile, inescapable advertising imagery, obsessive gun culture and the perpetuation of capital executions.
    A graphic and double-edged vision of a society at odds with itself.



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