Hans Silvester


    • Male

    About the artist

    He completed her studies at the school of Fribourg
    1958: Was born in Lörrach, Alemania
    1965: He joined the Rapho Agency and has made trips around the world

    Born in Lörrach and during his teenage years he began arealizar his first photographs, in 1955, she completed her studies at the Freiburg School. at that time he started a tour of Europe and visited the Camargue deciding to settle in Provence in 1960. in 1965 he joined the Rapho Agency and has made travel by all the world. one of his best-known works are photographs of the paintings of Ethiopia Indians who live in the Valley of the river Omo. 1

    in the 1980s decided to direct their work towards environmental militancy so you make reports on topics such as the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest, the situation of the natural parks in Europe, the River Calavon, a tributary of the Rhone which described as "murdered River" or forestry exploitation in North America.

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