Hariton Pushwagner


    • Male


    About the artist

    1940: Was born in Oslo

    Hariton Pushwagner is the artist pseudonym of Terje Brofos. He was christened Terje Brofoss. Bom in Oslo in 1940. His artist's name is a genuine invention of the hippie era.  
    Hariton stands for "Hari" as in "Hari Krishna" - the "ton" added on just for the weight. "Pushwagner" is a peculiar allegory to the shopping carts found in most supermarkets. 
    A slight thumbing of the nose at our consumer oriented society.
    For the last 20 years his main piece of work "A day in the life of the Mann family" has haunted Brofoss like a helpless child. 
    In 1980 he attempted to free himself of this with an exhibiton at the Hovikodden Art Center, but the public interest was rather poor. 
    In 1988, he was a part of the Chelsea Hotel milieu in New York, where the final version of the work was created. The series aroused attention in American art circles. 

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