Héctor Francesch


    • Male
    • Street art

    About the artist

    1977: Born in A Coruña, Spain

    Héctor Francesch was born in A Coruña, Galicia, in 1977. Self-taught, his art focuses in painting, silk-screen printing and design.

    "The works by Francesch, as a result of his obvious nerve in contradicting the current artistic trend, opens up, however small it might be, a terrain for painting. In his paintings, the pictorial art presents itself as a mode of expression and support for the iconography of our time. In each piece we discover the influences that have marked the life of the artist, ones which half of us also share. Together they represent his vision of society today, synthesised into figures with clearly defined outlines and brilliant colours. However, although the exhibition is subject to this global concept, each painting stands on its own, avoiding being a mere illustration. With cutting irony and layer upon layer of meaning, full of strange encounters and unusual reunions, they urge one to revise the current state of the world, but always with a touch of humour.

    Francesch focuses on contemporary life with humour, making it somewhat easier to digest and analyse. Free of the negative weight that is often generated by the cover of a newspaper, here they are shown as tools for laughter and entertainment, while at the same time helping us to comprehend the malformations that our visual culture has created. The result is a portrait of the present, codified by a mixture of symbolism and consumerism, where the characters stop being brands to become allegories that conform the reality that surrounds us."

    Source: Verónica Escobar Monsalve. A*Desk 



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