Héctor Pascual Gallo Portieles


    • Male
    • Collage
    • Drawer
    • Sculptor
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Neoconceptual
    • Painter
    • Art Brut Artist


    Jardín de Los Afectos, La Habana, Cuba.
    Galería de Los Afectos, La Habana, Cuba.
    El Mundo de Gallo, La Habana, Cuba.
    Art Brut Project,París,Francia

    About the artist

    I am an artist Art Brut 90 years of age. I am a barber by trade, journalist by profession, dreamer by nature and optimistic conviction. I have a distinctive look with white beard, dozens of necklaces and pulses and always walk with a cane. I live in Micro X, Alamar, Havana, Cuba. My work is spontaneous, moves away from traditional ways of cataloged art. I do my art without commercial interest, outside the boundaries of official culture and the prevailing aesthetic standards. I give common objects that are deprecated life. Recycle and reuse abandoned objects, turning them into works of art. I have the Garden and Gallery The Affections that make The World of Gallo. I live in Micro X, Havana, Cuba.