Heimo Zobernig


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    • Installation
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    About the artist

    Lives and works in Vienna
    1958: Born in Mauthen, Austria

    Since the early 1980’s, Heimo Zobernig has mined various art historical moments and movements, specifically Modernism, post-Modernism, Geometric Abstraction and Minimalism, with a rigorous and interrogatory spirit. His often playful approach also includes a keen and abiding affinity with modes of display, set design and theatricality.

    For this exhibition, Zobernig will present new grid and monochrome paintings and two new sculptures. The new monochrome works will consist of his signature use of chroma key blue, a blue that also references International Yves Klein blue and its subsequent associations with performance, a key element in Zobernig’s practice as well.

    The new sculptures, made with base materials such as plaster, particleboard, wood and Plexiglas mirror, suggest a precarious object-hood, or arguably an undefinable existence. The curator Martin Clark refers to Zobernig’s sculptures as “prop-like… They operate in and on the world as active, restless, and undecidable objects.” Zobernig seems to deliberately keep his approach to art- and exhibition-making in a constant state of destabilization, perpetually questioning its very nature.