Helen Kishkurno


    • Female
    • Painter

    About the artist

    Hello, my name is Helen Kishkurno. I studied at the Kharkiv Art College, then at the Kharkiv Academy of Design and Art for the specialization “Restoration of easel and monumental painting”. Now I am restoration faculty’s teacher at the Kharkiv Academy of Design and Art, postgraduate of the art’s theory and history faculty.
    I am Member of the National Artists\' Union of Ukraine since 2005. Participant of the national and foreign exhibitions. There are my works in the private collections of Ukraine and foreign countries.
    Having restorer’s education, I am an artist by vocation: I paint landscapes, still-lifes, portraits. Most of all I can be inspired by nature and people, so different and unlike. And to my mind, a painter may show him worth to the utmost, express his qualification and his God-given talent extent just in the portrait genre. Indeed, it is very important not only to show formal resemblance that is incredibly difficult in its own right, but express mood, make a disclosure on person’s inner world.

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