Hena Tayeb


    • Female
    • Photographer

    About the artist

    Hena Tayeb is a Chicago born Pakistani photographer living in New Jersey. She loves to find unusual abstracts and angles allowing the ordinary to appear extraordinary. Hena zooms in and brings light to the details of things around her. Creating abstracts and bringing attention to textures and patterns. Her husband and herself, along with their three year old boy love to travel enabling Hena to capture her adventures in bold, high contrast, dramatic photographs.

    Hena's photographs have been exhibited at the Art House Gallery (2011) and has exhibited with the Harvested Fresh Art Show @ Studio580 (2012). Her photographs have also made their way into the hands of Jenny McCarthy, Genevieve Gordor, Bethenny Frankel and Denise Richards. Eight of her photographs are currently hanging in the Regional Headquarters of PNC Bank, New Jersey.


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