• Henri Labrouste


    • Male

    About the artist

    Born in Paris, Labrouste entered the Collège Sainte-Barbe as a student in 1809. He was then admitted into the second class and the Lebas-Vaudoyer workshop in the École Royale des Beaux Arts in 1819. In 1820, he was promoted to the first class. Competing for the Grand Prix, Labrouste took second place behind the Palais de Justice by Guillaume-Abel Blouet in 1821. In 1823, he won the departmental prize and worked as a lieutenant-inspector (sous-inspecteur) under the direction of Étienne-Hippolyte Godde during the construction of the Saint-Pierre-du-Gros-Caillou parrish in Paris. The year 1824 was a turning point in Labrouste's life, when he won the competition with a design of a Court of Appeals (Cour de cassation). In November, he left Paris for Italy, visiting Turin, Milan, Lodi, Piacenza, Parma, Modena, Bologna, Florence and Arezzo.