Hervé Di Rosa


    • Neo Pop

    About the artist

    Lives and works in Miami and Paris.
    1959: Was born in Sète, France

    French Neo-Pop artist Hervé Di Rosa was born in Sète, France in 1959. His signature caricatures have been described by critics as bold, loud, crass, sexual and expressionistic, but always in keeping with the spirit of Pop. The French-born artist, aloof to the conventions of high-art, has embraced the so-called crafts for over 25 years and has unorthodoxly adopted an aesthetic akin to the common people.

    For the last fourteen years Di Rosa has traveled the world applying his bold designs to traditional techniques. He began his tour du monde in Sophia creating his own icons in the traditional Bulgarian icon-painting style. From there he went on to design woven baskets with Zulu craftsmen in South African, Mullah (sewn clothes) in Colombia, bronze sculptures with Bamouan artisans in West Cameroon, lacquers in Vietnam, and sequin Voodoo flags in Haiti. Di Rosa has actively incorporated and revitalized the world crafts by integrating them into his own work.

    Hervé Di Rosa's work has been featured by many prestigious institutions worldwide, including the Museum of Groningen, Netherlands, Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Grand-Palais, Paris, Centre d'Art Contemporain de Flaines, Cluses, and the Museo de Arte Contemporánero de Oaxaca, Mexico.

    Di Rosa was commissioned to execute numerous public frescoes and murals in Italy, France, Japan, and Mexico. He was awarded the Medicis Foundation Prize to travel to New York. His exhibitions have been reviewed internationally in Artnews, Art Actuel, The New York Times, Artweek, and Flashart, among others. In 2000, in keeping with his passion for the traditional arts, Di Rosa founded the MIAM, International Museum of Modest Art, in Sète, France, where he has showcased works by many international contemporary craft artists.

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