Hikari Shimoda


    • Female

    About the artist

    Hikari Shimoda was born in 1984 in Nagano, Japan. After graduating from college, studied illustration Aoyama cram for two years. Hikari started working in 2008 as a contemporary artist. The work mainly take up the problem which people live in modern society faces with a child motif, create a original world view mixing innocently cutie and painfully eerie based on the way of expression peculiar to Japan.

    "Our real world made by "Remnants of the children" that adults have turned away. The children breath quietly in fantasy.They are still beside us. But, we would pretend to watch out unconscious. The reality someone who was not to be a adult created by. The fantasy world that you were trapped in the childhood. What do they see in the fantasy world they trapped in? Can we notice them? I cut a little part of my fantasy world, and disclose them in this reality."

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