Hilma af Klint


    • Female


    About the artist

    1862: Hilma af Klint is born on October 26 at Karlbergs slott (Karlberg Palace) in Stockholm
    1944: Hilma af Klint was not shown until at least twenty years after his death.

    The project on which "the Five" were engaged involved, in 1892, recording in a book a completely new system of mystical thought in the form of messages from higher spirits. One, Gregor, spoke thus: "all the knowledge that is not of the senses, not of the intellect, not of the heart but is the property that exclusively belongs to the deepest aspect of your being...the knowledge of your spirit".

    It is interesting to note that af Klint's work ran parallel to the development of abstract art by other artists such as Mondrian, Malevich and Kandinsky who were, like af Klint, inspired by the Theosophical Movement founded by Madame Blavatsky. Af Klint's work can also be seen in the wider context of the modernist search for new forms in artistic, spiritual, political and scientific systems in the beginnings of the 20th century.

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