Hope Holmes


    • Female
    • Mixed media
    • Sculptor


    Green Goat Gallery
    Purple Pig Emporium


    About the artist

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    Artist Statement

    The initial attempt to convey meaning through my art is through construction, as opposed to deconstruction. It is my wish to have a dialog with the viewer about what they are seeing. In pursuit of that conversation I employ three main devices. The first, are the materials themselves, (cardboard, bed sheets, and other recyclables). All are simple in their design yet they offer real, complex meanings hidden in their use by a society. Secondly, I would say the employing of a form of camouflage, which is my technique of creating a new object from readily recognizable materials. This process I believe sheds a certain critical light on the materials that have been transformed. The third and final device, possibly the most informative, is the subject itself. The selection of a subject gives voice to the other two devices and as the principle agitator will always be essential to the viewer. The work I produce does have an element of reclamation to it as well. I use materials that have for the most part been discarded, or themselves been recycled from a previous use. This effect is very important for me as an artist. I see how our society is constructed around this one-time use mentality and I feel my artwork offers an alternative to that narrative.

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