Imbali Chimasia


    • Male
    • Mixed media
    • Painter



    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    As an artist, I work hard to do paintings that express my inner thoughts that relate both to me and to others about the beauty that exists in the african society. Before I begin painting I read as much as I can about that particular theme.

    I do not merely want to capture the image with my brushes, rather, with careful, prcise and colourful strokes, I want to give that society life and a voice once more. Thats why most of my themes centre on the african villages, poverty, hunger and the place of women in the traditional african home set up. With every finished work, I try to breathe life into a long forgotten culture or one that still thrives despite ' modernization ' creeping into every aspect of African culture.

    I always try to portray the moment so it can appeal to diverse viewers. My art is an expressive tool, not only for me, but for people whose anguish and cultural struggle cannot be voiced in any other way