• Male
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Painter


    About the artist

    I am a writer, a poet and a self-taught artist. Hold two Master's degrees, one in Political Science and the other in Administrative Science / Human Resources, and a Bachelor's degree in Law. Previously written to Global HR Challenges Which book was published by iUniverse, USA in 2007.

    Regularly Contributes articles in newspapers and periodical

    My life mission is to inspire and empower young people to Recognize That each of them can make a difference. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with Youth, university students, professionals and emerging-through seminars and conferences.

    My art-work Revolves around the same motivational and inspirational themes Directly drawn from my life experiences and staff observations.

    During the process of painting, I do not think of what will sell better, I just concentrate on what I want to express, and Might not what people like to see. That is exactly why I never thought of taking a job as art, or as "work". This view is Not About Being Rigorous or any less serious About what I do, but rather About Being freer to explore and to express more Openly.

    In My Opinion arts are Most Powerful Means of Strengthening productive Which perceptual component without thinking is not possible in any field of endeavor. I have learned so much about life, people, and Have grown Through my own journey of life. Discovering the endless possibilities of expression Keeps life exciting and Enables me to share my response to life-through art.

    Some of these, you will see in my work but my art wherever Takes You, May it bring you joy, peace and an awareness of the strength and wonder all living things!

    I hope you will enjoy seeing my paintings as much as I enjoyed creating it.