Isaac Cordal


    • Male
    • Street art

    About the artist

    Isaac Cordal lives and works in London. His work is driven by the sculpture and installation itself. Cordal is a first and foremost a traditional sculptor, modelling his primary figures in clay. He then casts multiples in cement using silicone moulds. The multiples are then installed in their urban locations, and it’s this vernacular approach to his street level intervention that harmonises his work so well to it’s environment. The cement figures blend into the landscape by their use of similar materials to which they are placed within. He installes the tiny dioramas in cities around the world, takes photographs – leaving his work to be kicked or ignored or taken away.

    Isaac Cordal is interested in representing prototypes that represent human beings in modernity. He tries to do scenes that summarize recognizable behavior patterns. In his projects Coral interpets the concept of "The Death of Distance". The daily global news become part of our local area. Coral is iterested to reflect on current problems and provide coverage through art.

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