Ismael DeLarge


    • Male
    • Digital artist
    • Designer
    • Photographer
    • Video artist

    About the artist

    Ismael Delarge (1981, Italian-Spanish) is a photographer and short film maker. He directed several short art films and has shown them at various festivals under the pseudonym Ismael C. Viondi from 2005 to 2008 receiving excellent reviews. Since then photography has been gaining ground ferociously in his work and his creative processes. His photographic début was in 2011 at the Dass Gallery (Fort Myers, Florida).

    Baroque, controversial, atmospheric, sometimes loaded with innocence, and others filled with perversity. His work mainly centers in the bizarre worlds of sex and death, creating a visual dichotomy between the more technical and organized beauty and a broken and transgressive experimentation, which dazzles emotionally due to its honesty, authenticity, personality and especially its innate capacity to provoke without appealing to the trivial.