Ivan Pili


    • Male
    • Painter


    Cagliari, Sardinia

    About the artist

    Ivan Pili was born in Cagliari (Italy) in 1976. As many talented people, his artistic skills emerged from the earliest age, first on the kindergarten benches and then manifested themselves in his early portraiture works at the age of 9 years.
    From 1986 to 1990 he attended painters in Cagliari asking for his presence in their labs to try to improve the technique of the little boy.
    The competitive nature of Ivan led him to follow his own path, "absorbing" the peculiarities of the artists he met but creating his own style. These were the years in which there is a strong interest in the use of light by Caravaggio and the soft touch of Renoir and Raffaello.
    At the age of 12, however, he started his musical adventure, leaving out the painting for more than 25 years, except for some painting to decorate the walls of his own home or friend’s homes.
    In 2014, after several meetings with people who strongly believed in his painting skills, he was persuaded to resume the art never forgotten. It is a very creative and flourishing period thanks to the newfound emotional charge for his first love art.
    The subjects of his paintings are extremely varied: from landscapes to still lives, portraits and masks, studying more and better the style of realistic transposition, testing himself with the reproduction on canvas of various materials as metal, cloth, stone, wood and refining his technique of using shadows and light.

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