Jaana Partanen


    • Female
    • 3D Photograph
    • Video artist
    • Photographer
    • Mixed media

    About the artist

    Mrs Jaana Partanen´s art explores the riddles of our existence. She has set out to explore the depths of humanity from different points of view. Partanen seeks to turn the existing building blocks for each project and exhibition into something else, more valuable than the mere makings. Transformation processes and turning points intrigue her and she believes they can manifest themselves potently in our minds as well as the surrounding environment we constantly interact with.

    Partanen approaches each subject matter in the manner of a scholar although as an artist it is most natural to her to present the discoveries and ideas through the medium of art. Her work explores a chosen theme combining various perspectives while maintaining a relation to the visual heritage of art history. She intends to provoke questions but does not tend to give straight responses. She prefers to encourage the viewers to find their own answers led by the visual clues of each piece of art.

    Partanen was born in Kuopio, Finland in 1967 and lives and works there nowadays. She studied photography, cinema and pictorial art at the University of Art and Design, Helsinki. During the past fifteen years Partanen’s work has been seen in solo and joint exhibitions throughout the world. Partanen is also the Art Director of architecture, art and design studio Partanen & Lamusuo Ltd which is best known for the media art exhibitions in the Finnish pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo 2010. The versatile and awarded artist also creates public art which is combined with and connected to the built environment.

    More info: www.pa-la.fi/en and http://artblog.pa-la.fi/en