Jackie Janisse


    • Female
    • Painter
    • Mixed media
    • Abstract expressionist


    The Downtown Steamy Bean
    Sault Ste. Marie, Canada

    About the artist

    Contemporary Abstract Art offers freedom to the artist and the viewer.  That is why I choose to focus my body of work on this genre of artistic expression.  I work in acrylic and mixed media because of the diversity it offers and the visual and tactile depth it creates. 

    The viewer can be immersed in my paintings and be taken away mentally and emotionally by the motion, flow, depth and values.  I have developed a method in the creation of a painting right from the strong handcrafted stretcher bar and canvas (recent paintings) to many layers of mixed media texture and paint.  Every painting is cared for...every detail is completed.  Edges are finished in black (or an appropriate colour) as well as a few layers of gloss varnish to add to the durability, visual depth and esthetics.

    My inspiration comes from nature with it’s many seasons, colours and textures.  A macro view of natural subjects such as tree bark, stone, and flowing water reveals unique colour, lines, patterns and textures.  I want to capture this like a child who sees and touches a tree for the first time.

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