James Cortesos


    • Male
    • Mixed media


    Architects studio 867 Valencia st
    San Francisco 94110 ..California...USA

    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    Approaching 70 years on the planet I am still learning. Homage to Marcel Duchamp' is the title of my current direction which is mixed media .

    I like to thermal laminate images in a painterly fashion in a agro-collage manner.

    I think R. Calero coined this name for a new movement in art. Its been called a few names ala Mimmo Rotela stamping it all.

    I like the work of Calero .... Leguillon and Arnaout whom I recently discovered on the internet.

    My studio is in Bangkok Thailand where I work when resoures are flowing for me.

    It's a small space in a backwater part of Bangkok... To me its heaven because I have a photo lab... and a print shop available . Also a outside spray park where I can spray paint the works with out to much toxic air.

    Having many failed studio's in California I migated to work in Se Asia because I am unplugged from any negative vibe's. Bangkok studio gives me direction becuase of the endless inspritional venues. 



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