James Ostrer


    • Male

    About the artist

    James Ostrer is an artist using Neo Baroque techniques within the mediums of photography and film to examine the common thread of discomfort that underlines western culture.

    His first solo exhibition, “Death, Sex and Re-birth”, in 2009 explored themes such as gluttony, sexual compulsion and addiction.

    In “Journey”, curated by actress Emma Thompson and activist Sam Roddick in a campaign against sextrafficking, his work was seen alongside that of leading international artists such as Anish Kapoor and Anthony Micallef as well as Oscar-winning costume designer Sandy Powell and art director Michael Howells. This ambitious exhibition toured New York, Vienna, Madrid and The Hague from 2009-2011.

    Nominated as curator’s choice for the Taylor Wessing awards at the National Portrait Gallery, James’s 2010 portrait of “Nicky Haslam in Lucian Freud’s chair” explored the intimate relationship between the ‘socialite’ and the ‘artist’.

    This year he has participated in the Bloom Festival Public Art Event in Verona. One of 40 international artists invited to convert political billboards into exhibition spaces, his photograph was selected to promote the event.

    Source: Merchant Artists Website