James Rizzi


    • Male
    • Pop Art
    • Painter

    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    James Rizzi (New York, 5 October 1950 - New York, December 26, 2011) was an artist American, exponent of pop art, known for his colorful works.

    Studied fine arts at the University of Florida in Gainesville, 1 where developed, in the last year of studies, the idea of the three-dimensional sculptures in paper.

    Artist experimenter and scholar of different branches of design and art, sought to cover different expressions and movements. In 1976 he participated in the exhibition «Thirty Years of American Printmarking» and designed the cover of the first album of the band Tom Tom Club in 1980. His designs also appeared in CowParade, an exhibition of sculptures of glass fiber in the public spaces of the city of New York. In Europe, he also showed his works, designed the cover of the first edition of a newspaper of Hamburg and three versions of the car Volkswagen New Beetle.

    In 1996, the German airline Lufthansa commissioned him the decoration of one of its jets. Also designed postage stamps for the German Government.

    Source: Wikipedia