James Van Patten


    • Male
    • Hyperrealist

    About the artist

    1939: Was born in Seattle, Washington, USA

    Discovery is the keynote of Van Patten’s work. Not for him the spectacular highlights of the landscape- he seeks rather to penetrate deeper and deeper into the secret places, his preoccupation with water in the landscape being virtually unique. Whereas others may from time to time incorporate a stretch of river or a pool in an urban park into the scene painted, Van Patten concentrates entirely on the margins of water in the wild. Sometimes it may be a long-shot involving a stretch of water bounded by a little piece of land; sometimes it is an obsessively detailed close-up of the plants that grow with their roots in the water and their heads in the sky- but all have been beautifully rendered in Van Patten’s distinctive art.


    "Though taken from nature, the imagery in my paintings might, at first glance, be unnoticed in the natural world. At best, a throwaway memory. Yet it is the mystery of reflection, shadow and light, and unexpected colour, that makes me want to paint these throwaway scenes.

    "When I have found the image that I wish to paint, I use the intermediate eye of the camera to see the nuances that I have missed. The anomalies of the camera lens also provide additional information that exists only in the photograph of the image. By incorporating these qualities, such as a softening and colour-rimming of the edges, my paintings provide surprises to me and, I hope, to the viewer. From the beginning of the painting process I know what the image is, but I am never sure what the picture will be when brought to paint."

    Source: Plus One Gallery Website

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