Jamie Shovlin


    • Male
    • Mixed media

    About the artist

    Jamie Shovlin is interested in the tension between truth and fiction, reality and invention, history and memory. His projects are long-term engagements with painstaking research applied to working practices specific to each particular project and its focus. Artificial distancing mechanisms are employed within work that seeks to confound and subjugate the role of author, originator and practitioner. These often take the form of literary or filmic traditions including unreliable narration, alternate realities, multiple accounts of the same event, and meta-commentary. His work attempts to merge inherently flawed systems, pseudo-scientific exactitude and doubtful philosophical propositions with the seemingly objective experience of the archive.

    Shovlin studied at the Royal College of Art. Solo exhibitions include ‘Various Arrangements’ at Haunch of Venison, London (2012), ‘Thy Will Be Done’ at Tullie House, Carlisle (2011), ‘Hiker Meat’ at MACRO, Rome (2010) and ‘In Search of Perfect Harmony’ at Tate Britain, London (2006). His debut feature film, ‘Rough Cut’, was released in cinemas in November 2013.

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