Jan Dibbets


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    About the artist

    Lives in Amsterdam
    1941: Was born in Weert, Netherlands

    Jan Dibbets was born in 1941 in Weert, Netherlands. He lives in the Netherlands and in Italy.

    Jan Dibbets is a major figure in Dutch and international art. He is particularly known in Paris for his Hommage à Arago embodying the Paris meridian by disks made ??with bronze in 1994.The question of the horizon has particularly marked the work of Jan Dibbets between 1960 and 1974: it is one of the recurring motifs of his work. In his recent works - from 2005 - the horizon reappears, embodying the continuity of an artistic reflection extremely rigorous. Through a very personal use of photography, always held close as a thought in continuous development, finding its object both in the experience of perception and reinterpretation of data from the perspective that the history of Western art bequeathed us.

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