Janelle Dimmett


    • Female
    • Designer
    • Digital artist
    • Drawer
    • Hyperrealist
    • Illustrator
    • Mixed media
    • textile

    About the artist

     I’m an artist from Union, Missouri who specializes in Childrens Illustration, Pattern Design, Hand Drawn Typography, and Whimsical concepts. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2013. Along with my Illustration degree, I also have a strong background in Graphic Arts and Visual Design. I spent three years (2008-2011) studying graphic design, prior to my acceptance to the Kansas City Art Institute's Illustration program.

    I generally work in a traditional manner, and I ultimately consider myself a "marker artist." My tools are markers, pens, and typically Photoshop for final editing.

    Questions can be forwarded to jadimmett@gmail.com