Jarúl Ortega


    • Male
    • Digital artist
    • Drawer
    • Illustrator

    About the artist

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 1986 Haruill Ortega, who signs his work as Jarul, is an Illustrator and cartoonist Dominican.


    HONORABLE MENTION. In the twentieth Salon Mercosur International Diogenes Taborda Awards 2015 / Argentina , in September 2015


    2013.-expressions in paper 2nd Edition. UASD, Faculty of arts. Dominican Republic.

    2014.-expressions in paper 3rd Edition. UASD, Faculty of arts. Dominican Republic.

    2015.-expressions in paper 4th Edition. UASD, Faculty of arts. Dominican Republic.

    2015.-ExpoViartRD 1st Edition Center Dominico-aleman, Zona Colonial. Dominican Republic.



    2015. Spyng. Museum The Story of Berlin. Germany

    2015. Intolerance. Jorge Garcés Borrero departmental library. Cali, Colombia.

    2015. The Victory. Syria International Gallery of Caricature. Syria.

    2015. Bulls Yes, bullfighters No. Cartonclub. Mexico.

    2015. Draw Attetion. ChildrenWin.org. Baku, Azerbaijan.

    2015. 8th OscarFest. Community House. OSOR, Croatia.

    2015. Mobilità Sociale. Studio d´arte Andromeda. Trento, Italy. Shows Online:
    http://studioandromeda.net/economia/index.php?id=432 & pag = 420 & dat

    2015. China in the Eyes of the Artist. Culture and media International Association. China.

    2015. 7th Rath Memorial International Cartoon Web.
    http://www.aswiniabani.com/. Bolangir, India.

    2015. jazz & Blues. Gallery of the Sisak City Museum. Sisak, Croatia.

    2015. XXII shows International of Arts of humor. Quevedo Institute of humor. Madrid, Spain.

    2015. International exhibition of sports humor. The Olympic Museum exhibition hall. Barcelona, Spain.

    2015. music Tango. Diogenes Taborda Museum. Buenos aires. Argentina.

    2015. exile International Cartoon Expo. Maison des Journalistes. Marseille. France.

    2015. VIII International Salon of humor. Various galleries. Lima, Peru.




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