Javier Messía


    • Male
    • Técnica mixta. Materiales y texturas.


    About the artist

    Something that characterizes me as a painter is that I'm self-taught so I´m slow in my progress. I'm slowly discovering the techniques, materials, etc.

    In painting I'm interested and pretend the plastic expression of my emotions; finding a balance between shapes, spaces, textures, colors and shadows. I am particularly interested in shadows that cause brands and textures that purposely incorporate my works. Sometimes I make use of my own feet to create exposing traces left on the canvas or board after stepping on an alabaster dust loading.

    The discovery of a new material that can be incorporated into my creations is something that I love and always surprises me. The use of metals, textiles, paper and paperboard, strings and other elements increasingly opening new paths. The treatments with varnishes and waxes, glazes with large quantities of marble and alabaster powder, crackle ... are my way of painting and feeling.

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