Javier Velázquez Cabrero


    • Male
    • Installation
    • Mixed media
    • Performance
    • Video artist


    Galería Slowtrack, Madrid, España. (http://www.slowtracksociety.com/)

    About the artist

    His work is primarily focussed on interpersonal relationships and behavioral patterns. He creates situations where modifies the ways in which individuals relate to their environment in order to question the contexts and pressures to which the people are subjected, and how it influences and shapes their ability to socialise.
    In most works, he uses collaborators so as to help to shape the work and eventually become part of it, taking part of the creative responsibility.
    The boundary between public or private, individual or collective, art and life is often blurred and is the tool that supports him so as to raise questions.
    Finally, note that the process becomes an important part of the work, as the risks and chances inherent in these collaborations ultimately give surprising shape to the final work.

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