Jeanette Chávez


    • Female

    About the artist

    Lives and works in Havana, Cuba
    1980: Was born in La Habana, Cuba

    My work is a documentation of my own obsessive and accumulated desires that are trying to find a “change” in a reality that’s saturated of constant denials. Transiting through means as the performance, the installation, the video and the photography, as an intake of conscience, I reveal the vision of my society; formed and deformed from the censure, the ego, the simulacrum, the subordination of the individuals to regulated behaviors, where the concept of failure shines in front of the idea of the illusion.

    I have felt motivated to release established paradigms in the socio – political sphere, using untouchable and sacred elements of my national identity at a symbolic level.

    I relapse in the poetic metaphor as a way to project the most intimates “estates” of a militarized fantasy, armed by a dichotomic constellation that emerges from the utopy to reality, as from the celestial to the terrestrial. Trying to reach just one goal: salvation, my salvation.

    Jeanette Chávez