Jennifer Tee


    • Female

    About the artist

    Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    1973: Was born in Arnhem, The Netherlands

    Jennifer Tee’s sculptures are made from carefully selected natural and industrial materials. They often purposely have their origins in more then one place and sometimes reach their completion over a period of time. The double helix structure of Covert Entwined Heart, for instance, is made from bamboo beads and porcelain tiles from China, collected over many trips to the country, and a palm tree and chocolate cacao fruits from Brazil; these materials each get their own place and take on new meanings in a kaleidoscopic assemblage. Tee first showed Covert Entwined Heart at the Sao Paulo Biennial in 2004 and the piece has since traveled to various places.

    Her quixotic environments can often be activated, engendering their own rituals, which, although usually inspired by the existing world, are twisted around by the artist to arouse more poetic associations. Real worlds and a world in calling thus flow together in an exploratory setting, in which the act of travelling, both physically and mentally, is an important metaphorical binding thread. In her recent series of works, Tee combines Crystalline Floorpieces (hand-knitted rugs) with sculptural objects and choreography. These geometrical arrangements of floor pieces form negative and positive spaces, simultaneously taking up a room’s volume and cutting into it. Blending the functions of sculpture and stage, they then function as platforms for a choreography of movements and poses, establishing a relationship with the knitted object and within the beams of the crystalline form, enclosing a (female) interiority and a psychological space in which an attempt is made to align mind, body, and spirit.

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