Jerónimo Elespe


    • Male
    • Painter

    About the artist

    Jerónimo Elespe trained and started his career as an artist in the United States, where he graduated from the New York School of Visual Arts and completed an MFA from Yale University. After twelve years in New York, in 2008 he went back to Madrid, Spain, where he currently lives and works.

    Elespe’s work is characterised by the recognisable small formats he employs—reduced oils on aluminium panels that evoke classic painting (from Velázquez to Antonello de Messina) as well as some branches of modernist and contemporary painting through a constant intermingling of languages and references. Resorting to both memories and imagination the artist represents autobiographical scenes, landscapes, interiors, portraits and abstract nighttime scenes. These small formats on metal supports help the artist build a contrast between its physicality as reduced-sized objects and the immateriality that often haunts the images.

    All of Elespe’s works start from an autobiographical experience that revolves around domesticity and the artist’s day-to-day in the studio. As the slow creative process progresses (sometimes taking months, or even years), these autobiographical motives gradually acquire their own intrinsic pictorial logic. At the same time, fictional elements are also introduced and, as a result, the characters more frequently depicted by the artist begin to form a sort of fictitious parallel family.

    The reduced palette of whites, black and greys builds a set of slowly developed, overlapping layers that account for the long hours of night work. The fact that so many things take place in such a tiny surface is simply captivating.

    Elespe’s work has been exhibited, among others, in New York galleries Eleven Rivi ngton and John Connelly Presents, Soledad Lorenzo gallery in Madrid and Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (CAC) in Málaga, Spain, where he had his first solo exhibition in a museum in 2012.

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