Jesús Hdez-Güero


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    About the artist

    Jesús Hdez-Güero was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1983. He studied at the San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts, Havana (1999-2003), in the Higher Institute of Art (ISA), Havana (2004-2009) and Cátedra de Arte de Conducta (2006-2008), directed by Tania Bruguera. He made 4 personal and participated in various collective exhibitions inside and outside Cuba, highlighting: 14th Luisa Palacios's Biennial International Miniprint, CAF Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela; "The end of the bullet: a decade of Cuban art". Cuba Pavilion, Havana, Cuba; TOUCHED, Liverpool Biennial, Visitor Centre, Liverpool, UK; "Shows Cuba 21st Century: literature in transition", Avant Writing Symposium 2010, The Ohio State University, Ohio, USA; "Experimental video and video art: artists of Cuba", Casa del Encuentro, Antioquia Museum, Medellín, Colombia; "State of emergency", 10th Havana Biennial, HABANA Gallery, Havana, Cuba; "Ver" Curated by Rirkrit Tiravanija. Thailand-USA; "Logical bomb", 7th Gwangju Biennale, South Korea; "Curator self-em

    I am interested in the capacity of art to utilize and reorganize existing social forms and cultural models that can be updated infinitely. I intend that my work will have a double impact and validity; merit in the plane of art as well as in the social dominion.  It must become a platform of communication and expansion of specific phenomena and of the principal contradictions and socio-cultural forces of those areas that are not made evident, lack transparency, or are hidden, and in the end the work must remain as an archive of these “social invisibilities”.