Jewyo Rhii


    • Female


    About the artist

    Lives in Seoul, South Korea
    1971: Was born in Seoul, South Korea

    Jewyo Rhii’s drawings, installations, sculptures, and videos generally provoke in the viewer a mixed feeling of emotion and fragility, construction or deconstruction. The works’ shipping crates can sometimes serve as supports for precarious installations somewhere between a hut and a shop stall. Traveling for several years between Asia, the United States, and Europe, Rhii has made her nomadism one of the components of her work. Displacement and disorientation are a compelling part of her formal and conceptual mode of thought. With great liberty making use of meager materials like plastic, cardboard, aluminum, scotch tape, and wood she revisits an initial state of sculpture, searching to provide an image of material and corporeal instability and insecurity.

    For Intense Proximity Jewyo Rhii displays a selection from the series Two. In over fifty drawings she invents a vast repertoire of positions between two tired figures testing situations of respite, rubbing, massage, caresses, Rhii attempts to exhaust all the possibilities of intense proximity between two human bodies searching for heat and contact.

    Situated in the same space, Wall to Talk to is one of the artist’s more recent projects, which in-scribes itself into the makeshift and playful mode of her anonymous sculptures. Typewriters are worked out as a method for sculpting words in order to pronounce them. Each typewriter tells a story inscribed directly onto the wall in Korean characters. Stand-alone and performative machines, they set to work producing fragments of narration. The inscriptions on the wall are the result of this performance. Thought up and worked out ten years apart, Jewyo draws a common thread between these two propositions, which evoke both communication and body language, solitude and sharing, action and contemplation.


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