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    Miki International Art

    About the artist

    Chen Jianzhou

    Chinese Artists Committee Member

    1987 Born in Tai'an, Shandong

    In 2012, he graduated from Beijing Union University

    He had engaged in art design, UI designers, etc.

    Now a professional artist living in Beijing

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    Return Journey International Art Miki 798


    Return Journey Art Museum Shanghai Yu-watt station

    Exhibition / Awards


    Olympic champion Silver Beijing Hua Chuan world volume


    Shang Yi Chongqing - Chongqing International Biennial of Contemporary Art

    Useful Art - Beijing International Design Week musicianship Dashanlan Exhibition Beijing

    Public hand in hand - Fall artists donated charity exhibition V2 Galley Songzhuang Art District

    The International Museum of Art on Exhibition in Beijing, Tianjin outstanding young artists

    Youth Kingdoms First Beijing Youth Arts Festival Artists Award of Excellence Today Art Museum


    Connection - Gallery of Contemporary Art Club • 798

    GOART Festival Korea Gwangju Museum of Art

    And • Meaning - Space Chinese Contemporary Young Artists Invitational Exhibition of the Museum of Fine Arts of St. 798

    Bring home UCCA Art 798

    My flowers. Artworks Nanjing

    Young Art Chinese creativity Singapore

    62 degrees Ash and his friends UCCA 798


    Huaguoshan Contemporary Art Group Exhibition of Young International Arts 798

    Fulcrum - Contemporary Art Group Exhibition Gallery 798 bridge homes

    Connection - Contemporary Art Sperone Westwater United States

    Art Fair


    Second Nanjing International Art Exhibition

    Guangzhou International Art Fair

    Micro Signal: CJZ_001

    E-mail: chen.ianzhou@163.com

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