Joan Gispert


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    • Painter

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    The paint has to be a means of expression, in which creativity and poetry must have a fundamental place; technique, the shape, the expression and the concept are the tools to communicate art. This art is expressed by the thought that is made poetry forms; This form has to be lyrical.

    Baso my work at a glance cosmological universe and the creation of the world, in which the form becomes creative as the demiurge who works on the clay, in Embryological symbolism, with the cosmos taking form of the matter first, embryonic, as report, chaotic, also as exemplary force gesture and an overabundance of creativity. Shape is formed by the spirit. At the same time, it is a vision of the human being in search of the archetype (first type). This archetype is represented by the "sign" that essentially becomes symbol. Forms or things essential designations are contained in the spirit as the archetype. The Red symbolizes the Adam Kadmon, the primordial man and different ages of humanity that have been lost in the time limit, the age of gold, iron, brass, copper. Color contributes to the symbolic message of the work.

    Compositionally I use a central structure referred to the circle and the spiral, enhancing the Centre in a contraction and expansion in which the sign has a relationship of space-time. The nature of these signs is a unitary force whose true essence is recognized by observing their universal rhythm.

    "For symbolic thought, the world is not only"alive", but also open; an object is never such an object and nothing more (as happens with modern knowledge), but is also sign or receptacle just over, a reality that transcends the level of that object being It is here when we introduce the idea of the seen world metaphorical and poetically as the image of the heart; the heart of nature, the heart of the world, the heart of man; on the aesthetic response of the heart, the action of feeling the world and action to imagine are not separated. It is a reaffirmation against concepts that have led to the death of the soul of the world, because they divide the natural activity of the heart in perception of facts, and intuition of fantasies, on the other, leaving us a series of images without body and body without images: a subjective intangible imagination breakaway in a vast world of acts targets dead.
    a world without soul does not offer privacy, each object by definition, is discarded before even conclude its fabrication: is trash; they are devoid of life waste "(1)

    (1) text extracted from the book of James Hillman."The thought of the heart."Ed. Siruela.


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