Joan Laborda


    • Male
    • Digital artist
    • Collage
    • Drawer
    • Designer
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Mixed media
    • Painter


    Galería SalaConsell242 Barcelona
    Galería Stunt. La Laguna. Tenerife
    Galería Blumman. París
    Can Manyè. Espai d'Art i Creació. Alella
    Galeria AB. Granollers

    About the artist

    born in Barcelona, in October 1954, from an early age shows his inclination towards drawing. At age ten and eight enter the workshop of the painter Murcia Valcá rcel, where he learned Anatomy and composition. At the age of ten and nine entered the University where studied at the same time art history studies of graphic design, which coincides with Perajume. It will be a stage of great theoretical enrichment, and where you will be lucky enough to attend the classes of Cirici Pellicer, Miquel Porter, Oriol Martorell, Joan Salvat, Joan Ramó n Triadó, Juliá n Inma Joaquí n Yarza... etc in the speciality of modern and contemporary art, together with graphic design at the school of Design Elisava of Barcelona, Jordi Pericot kinetic artist-driven during those years. At age 24 he enrolled, and enters the Faculty of fine arts in Barcelona, where he studied painting. Professor Joan Ramó n Triadó hand, he staged his first exhibition in his hometown in 1977, at the age of twenty-two. From this moment life has dedicated it to the world of artistic creation in two aspects: painting and design. Between 1978 and 1981 works in the family business to pay for its economic independence, also performed several solo and group exhibitions as well how participate in painting competitions. At this stage he meets the painter Josep Uclé s and discovers, in June 1978, Francis Bacon painting in the exhibition of the work of the painter of Dublin at the Miró Foundation in Barcelona. After a first stage as designer free-lance, pursuing a masters degree in communication and is set in 1985, founding its first study of graphic design and creativity applied to the world of communication, called Storm. Due to the remarkable acceptance of the work of this study, will soon become agency advertising-1986-, and two years later the "national award" for best creativity Magazine technical. during all these years, his creative work has been developed in parallel in the field of design and art, working on numerous projects of corporate identity both for businesses, how to public entities. In the course of this period, is not until 1993, when it establishes definitely study in painting in Teià, a town on the coast about twenty kilometers from Barcelona, this period is characterized by a great creative activity, which resulted in more than forty exhibitions and participations in exhibitions of contemporary art. From the two thousand year, he was selected to teach in the Centre of culture "Can Lleonart" of Alella, where he directs creative painting workshops, for nine years. His interest in teaching will be continued in his Studio, where classes continue to the present day. Also in these dates began his digital art research applying their knowledge in the treatment of the image. His so-called "digital collages" are born. In 2003, through Ab-Antoni Botey Gallery, exhibits in the fair of contemporary art of Strasbourg, Arte Santander and Barcelona Artexpo fair. In 2006, at the Gallery SalaConsell242 in Barcelona, his series "The Studio of the painter".In 2009, it exposes for the first time in Paris, through Blumann Gallery of the French capital. In 2010, he moved his Studio to Alella, a neighboring city, where he currently works. In February 2012, is selected to exhibit in CAN MONEY-Espai d'Art i Creació de Alella, through its Director Mercè Pomer, where exposed for the second time its "series tales and legends" attended by over 700 people during the fifteen days of the sample. On the stylistic level, it is difficult to classify: eclectic and non-conformist, cannot be considered how a designer that paints, since his creations has its own identity; It uses the historical styles as if they were colors on a palette. Within an expressionist line in terms of the background and postmodern in terms of materials and topics, the artist works on the basis of thematic series until it runs the base motive, so their "series" occur. The color palette is warm (ochre, red, Carmine, sepia, grayscale) and a color that seems to redraw the main reason: black. The materials and techniques used are different and according to series: from collages. plastics, wood, sand; acrylics, oils up to the more classical painting easel. The central theme of his works is usually the man, his everyday surroundings and the passage of time. In his works often appear a character only, in an almost theatrical setting, where their beings, many anonymous or prototipicos, appear as anonymous viewers of the passage of time, it is at this point where some have believed to see a stylistic similarity with the narrative figuration.


    licenciado en Historia del Arte. Especialidad Arte Moderno y Contemporá neo. Universidad de Barcelona Diseñ o grafico. Escuela de diseñ o Elisava. Barcelona Estudios en Bellas Artes. BA-Sant Jordi-Universidad de Barcelona Diplomado en Comunicació n. (Barcelona)

    Solo and collective shows:

    2014 Hamburg Art Fair AAF.

    exposició n itinerante de La obra-50 pintors-Una Visió Fragmentada. 1714. Sala de Exposiciones del Ayuntamiento de Caldas d'Estrach. Sala de la Diputació n de Gerona.   Galerí a Arte-Imagen2-La Coruñ a. 2013Galerí a Salaconsell242. "El Jardí d'Alella". Barcelona galeria Fons d'Art. Olot. 2012 Museo Can Manyé-Espai d'Art Contemporani. Exposició n-Instalació n Serie "Cuentos y Leyendas". Alella. Realiza un Mural para la Biblioteca de La Serreta-Escola Pú believe d'Alella-Escribe la obra de teatro: "Estació n Parí s-Austerlitz" 2011 Museo Can Manyé-Espai d'art Contemporani. Exposició n "Artistes Visuals d'Alella". Alella. Galerí a ArteImagen. Expo. Tres Pintores Catalanes. A Coruñ a. Seleccionado para el proyecto Jano Asociació n. Barcelona 2010 Galerí a Stunt-Tenerife Galerí a Salaconsell242-"Serie Cuentos y Leyendas".Barcelona Instala su estudio en Alella. Escribe la novela: "EL ruido del tiempo" 2009 Galerie Blumann. Parí s. Galerie Blumann. "Le Carré dans l'Art". Parí s. Galerí a SalaConsell242. Colectiva de verano. Barcelona 2008 Galerí a SalaConsell242 Serie "Tempus fugit, carpe diem" Barcelona Escribe la novela: "110 dá lmatas-Spend a Caronte" 2007 Galerí a Stunt.La Laguna, Tenerife Galerí a Salaconsell242-Expo. Colectiva de invierno Conferencia-Coloquio sobre Arte contemporá neo. Ayuntamiento de Teià. 2006 Galerí a SalaConsell242. Serie "El estudio del pintor" Barcelona Galerí a ArteImagen. La Coruñ a. Sala de Exposiciones Ibercaja. Logroñ o Caixa Sabadell. Collectiva: El punto de libro como obra de arte. Sabadell 2005 Hotel Atrium Palace-Art Gallery-Barcelona, Exposició n comisariada por Fernando Peracho. Colectiva de Invierno. Salaconsell242. Barcelona Realiza la Imagen Corporativa de la empresa "Vilectra" 2004 Fundació n Cultural Oriol. Exposició n "Serie Euskadi" Premio de Pintura Can Oriol-2º premio-Santa Coloma de G. Galerí a AB-Antony Botey, Granollers 2003 Feria Arte St´ Art03, Galerí a AB. Strasburg, France ArtSantander03´-Galerí a AB. Santander. Artexpo 03-Galerí a AB-Antoni Botey, Barcelona Galerí a ArteImagen, "Serie Interpretaciones" A Coruñ a.